Bradford Glossary

A Reference for Bradford Lingo


Short for School Accountability Committee. The committee serves in an advisory role to the school principal on issues that are currently effecting the school and community. Meetings are held every other month. All are welcome to attend these meetings.


This is an offering at our Fall Fundraiser. An individual donates a themed party or event that people can purchase a ticket to attend at a future set date (some examples: Parents vs. Kids Kickball Tournament, Cinco De Mayo Taco Party, and a Progressive Dinner Bike Ride). 100% of money raised from the Bashes are donated to the Bradford PTA.


A fundraising campaign held during the fall where the PTA solicits direct donations.

Fall Fundraiser

Each fall the PTA hosts a party to raise funds for our school. For 2022 the theme is Back to the 80's.


The app used for our Fall Fundraiser. Buy event tickets, bid on auction items, and purchase your ticket for a Bash.

North Campus

Also known as Bradford Intermediate, the North Campus is located at 2 Woodruff. This building has grade 5th-8th.

South Campus

Also known as Bradford Primary, the South Campus is located at 1 White Oak. This building has grades kindergarten - 4th.

Stallion Stampede

The spring fundraiser is a fun run for students. Usually held in May.