Book Clubs (Pri & Int)

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We offer two different book clubs at Bradford.  The first is a parent led book club called Jr. Great Books (for Grades K-3). It is offered at the Primary during the lunch/recess hour, approximately every 4 weeks during the school year.  Jr. Great Books is a national program with an established series of books that the children read stories from.  Parents are needed to lead small class groups for this program.

At the Intermediate School, we are offering the Battle of the Books (BOB) program this year.  The kids get a list of books to choose from and then compete on teams to test their knowledge of the books in the Spring.  Additional details of the program, along with this year’s book list, can be found listed below.

If you are interested, please contact the Committee Chairs listed under Your PTA.


BOB Program Details & Registration Form 2016-17

BOB 2016-17: 4th-7th Grades Book List