One of the most well known school fundraising programs is Boxtops For Education. Both Bradford schools collect Boxtops which are collected by the Student Council as part of our Service Learning project. Simply place your clipped boxtops in a bag labeled with your teacher’s name and send them in! Teachers have a bin in their room and Student Council members will gather them before each Student Council meeting to count which class is sending the most in for the Class Competition Contest.

Additionally, you can go online to and sign up for an account. That gives you an opportunity to earn bonus boxtops for the schools, enter contests and get coupons for products. It’s worth checking out. Please be aware that all Boxtops have expiration dates on them, so make sure that you are only sending in unexpired Boxtops. Additionally, when setting up your online account, please know that only Bradford Primary School is listed but it covers both schools.

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