Puppies for the Auction: FAQ and Application Info

This year for our auction we have puppies courtesy of a local rescue, Circle 2. There has been a lot of interest and questions about these little ones so we thought it would be best to set up a page where you can learn all about Havana and Spirit!


  • All of the puppies were originally rescued from a sister organization The Mutt Hutt which is a small but incredibly well respected (not to mention busy) rescue in Texas that regularly transports dogs to Circle 2 knowing they’ll have an easier time being adopted here in dog-loving Colorado than in Texas which has a high rate of abandoned dogs euthanized in shelters.

  • Circle 2 is a rescue that Carissa knew of having gotten her last dog from them. Its success lies in their team of foster families who regularly take on caring for these dogs while a forever home is found, and a their owner Wanda, a woman who works tirelessly taking on as many dogs as she can who play on her land in Evergreen until she can home them all. We know the people involved and trust where the dogs are from, and the care they receive.

  • Circle 2 has agreed to offer us these 7 week (as of 9-23-18) old Australian Shepard mixed puppies for our auction to benefit our school.

  • They are being fostered by Carissa and Karen before the auction. We want to be able to speak honestly to their temperament and behavior as well as allowing the community to see and meet the puppies before the auction to make sure they aren’t a night-of impulse purchase which doesn’t work long term for the dog or the family.

  • You can meet the dogs now if you’d like and let your family spend some time with them, just let us know by emailing Carissa  carissa.passerella@gmail.com to set up a time to have the puppies in your home.

  • If you think you will be interested in bidding on them at the auction, you’ll need to fill out an application beforehand, please email Carissa Hollander carissa.passerella@gmail.com to have this sent over.

  • On the night of the auction, the puppies will be brought in before the bidding for people to see and spend time with. They’ll be with volunteers from Circle 2, and they will leave right after bidding is complete going home with Circle 2. Once the winner’s application is approved by Circle 2, the winner will be notified and a plan will be made to unite the dogs with the new owners. We are of course wanting to raise funds for the school but as we’re dealing with furry little lives, we want to ensure that this process is done carefully so we can ensure the perfect situation for the dogs and their new families.

  • You will also receive a spay, first set of puppy vaccinations, dewormer, flea and tick treatment, and microchip!  Adopters are responsibile for keeping up on the booster vaccinations.


About the dogs…


    • They’re estimated to be around 30lbs full grown, the mom was around 20lbs so they could be slightly smaller.

    • They are wonderful with children and other dogs and show no signs of aggressive tendencies (we’ve tested with food and toys.) We combed through the entire litter looking for the calmest and smartest temperaments with some google-powered research on finding the pick of the litter.

    • They are SMART! They are asking to go outside, crate trained, and getting socialized. They’re coming everywhere with us and by the end of the month we’ll be handing over dogs that will be a wonderfully easy new family member for you to enjoy!

    • They’re all girls!

    • If you decide that the dog ultimately isn’t a good fit for your family for whatever reason, please let us know. Circle 2 is happy to find another dog or puppy for you and will re-home the puppy.


Their Backstory:


As with most rescue dogs, the puppies did not get off on a great start in life. Audra from Mutt Hut was contacted from a couple who had recently purchased a ranch in Texas with a mom and 7 newly born puppies. They told her to get them off of their property or else they would euthanize them themselves. Though it wasn’t easy to round them all up and the ranch was far from Audra’s home, she drove out and saved every last one. They were hungry, scared, and filthy (Havana had dirt packed inside her ears when we got her), but in good health. She gave them all de-worming medicine, and their early vaccines before driving them here to Colorado where they were met by Circle 2, Carissa, and Karen.


If you see us at school with the puppies come and say hi and let your friends who are looking for a new furry family member know about these sweet girls.