Legislative Update

Because of the events of the past year, Jeffco’s Board of Education has the challenge of making difficult budget decisions for the 2021-22 school year. Keeping student achievement and well-being at the center of our decisions, District leadership continues to monitor the impacts to state funding; however, reductions are going to be essential in the coming year. We invite the community to provide feedback for the Board in considering the tradeoffs necessary to reach a balanced budget to support our students in the coming year.

Join Jeffco Board members, the interim superintendent, and the interim chief financial officer for these sessions to learn more and participate.

Virtual Sessions Offered

Wednesday, February 17, 5-6pm
Board members attending: Susan Harmon, Stephanie Schooley

Saturday, February 20, 9-10am
Board members attending: Brad Rupert, Rick Rush

Tuesday, February 23, 6-7pm
Board members attending: Brad Rupert, Stephanie Schooley

Friday, February 26, 10-11am

Board member attending: Susan Miller, Rick Rush

Here’s the February 10th budget presentation to the Board  https://go.boarddocs.com/co/jeffco/Board.nsf/files/BY3S4E6F15E5/$file/PRESENTATION%20Budget%20Update%202-10-21%20BOE%20Final%20rev2.pdf

Make sure you take this opportunity to sign up so you have a voice:Here’s the link: